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I knew he could sense in me that I had found my path, how I could make a living, and I could sense his pride.I was interviewing for a new role, they had offered me the job.John and Susan Epperson The Ruidoso morning sun would barely be creeping through the windows, I’d be lying there in a half-dream state hearing his footsteps coming down the hall way passing through our bedroom as he darted into the bathroom for his morning shower. He was an All-State football player, a scratch golfer and club champion, a basketball player that I used to watch in the gym as a boy as he launched another 3 ball.I can still remember the room, the furniture, the excitement I would feel about the day ahead. I could hear the men on the other team chastising the guy guarding Dad, “You got to get up on him, you can’t let Coop shoot it! He had a seemingly endless Rolodex of “inspired by true events” stories that he accessed whenever the mood was right. By the time you know it’s happening, you’re already there.

The time was spent mostly letting me talk through it myself and find the answer in my own time.My heart goes out to the family you’ll forever be missed with that quirky smile coming into the salon Beeming when you seen Hailie , admired y’all as a couple wrapped up in the Lord going to church sharing your musical talent with others , compassion for others. She will be remembered and missed as my life long true friend. I had just reached out to her and then found the news out from our brother that she had passed. I enjoyed John as a long time customer and had many fun rounds of golf with him.My thoughts and prayers are with the family during these difficult times. I will be unable to attend the service, but Larry will be there. Our hearts are sad to think that we have lost such a wonderful friend and cousin by marriage as Buster Edwards. If I posted the names of all the people Jean was praying for it would take up this whole page, so to all the people who knew and loved Jean the way we did, a heart felt thanks from her family, and may you have a blessed christmas knowing Jean is celebrating with The One we are celebrating, Jesus! Jean and she will always hold a very special place in our hearts. I know your a strong Christian woman who will lean on the Lord and your family in this time of need.May all of you find comfort in your wonderful memories, as well as in God's promise of a resurrection.

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