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While the circumstances of her elevation are unknown, Kubaba is the only female listed in the Sumerian King List, compiled around 2100 BCE, and probably the first recorded woman ruler.

The Sumerian King List names her as the woman tavern-keeper.

Rice beer, according to Chinese legend, was first brewed by Yi Di, the wife of Yu the Great.

Sounds much like modern craft brewers — except for the powered crab claws part.

Perhaps the most interesting of these brewsters was Kubaba.

Mc Govern writes that in areas of Japan and Taiwan, “You can still find women sitting around a large bowl, masticating and spitting rice juice into the vessel as they prepare the rice wine.” The oldest extant beer recipe, written in cuneiform, dates to ancient Mesopotamia, around 1800 BCE.

The Hymn to Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of brewing, is both a song of praise to Ninkasi and an ancient recipe for brewing.

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