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It is your responsibility to protect your children online, even if they do not want to be protected.Web Watcher is consistently chosen as the #1 choice in computer spy software Combine several recording tools with Internet access blocking and intelligent and instant alert notification when content you specify is encountered and you have one of the most powerful Internet monitoring and surveillance software you can buy anywhere.

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Parental awareness of their teens’ online activities has risen significantly.When they receive online messages from someone they do not know, 60% of teens say they usually respond only to ask who the person is.Compared to the last survey, there was a 10-percentage-point increase in teens ignoring such messages (57% vs. Still, nearly a third of teens (31%) say they usually reply and chat with people they do not know, and only 21% tell a trusted adult when they receive such messages.It's terrifying to put yourself out there, especially if you don't know how the guy feels (eek! But if you think you're going to have to bite the bullet and have the talk, you're in luck: We've rounded up a few people to tell you exactly how to go about it. Everyone has a different "right" time to have the "what are we? "It's easy to think, Well, we've been hooking up for three months, so we should talk about what we're doing," says Scott Alden, creative strategist for the dating site How About "It is possible, however, that you are currently in a mutually beneficial, casual hook-up situation. Spend some time thinking about whether or not the relationship is just fine for you as it is.

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