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Whether you’re struggling with six-figure debt or looking for “free money” to pay off your student debt, student loan forgiveness could save the day.Click on the links below to learn more about each option, or scroll down for the complete list of student loan forgiveness programs: Public Service Loan Forgiveness Forgiveness from an income-driven plan Federal Perkins Loan cancellation Loan forgiveness for teachers Loan forgiveness for nurses Loan repayment assistance for doctors and other health care professionals Loan repayment assistance for lawyers Additional student loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) Military student loan forgiveness and assistance Student loan discharge for special circumstances The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program helps people working in public service jobs.This is an easy requirement to meet if you have a large debt load compared to your income.You can use the Repayment Estimator tool to help you calculate your payments and see if you qualify.

Pay As You Earn is similar to Income-Based Repayment in that it isn’t a typical forgiveness plan, but you are eligible for forgiveness after a certain period of time.There are various student loan forgiveness programs out there for people who work in public service, education, and other areas.Some states are even helping debt-saddled graduates pay off their loans.Any remaining balance is then eligible for forgiveness.As with IBR, your forgiven balance may be treated as taxable income.

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