Dating an stg barrel

Stamped on the side it clearly states "Century Arms L1A1 .308 Sporter".I know that the receiver is metric as I purchased some inch magazines and they will not fit, but other than that I'm in the dark.I purchased it and shot it the same day (50 rounds of steel case, 40 rounds of Winchester brass.) with no problems.My problem is I haven't seen any that look like mine.

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Nothing to do with gas bleed-off and timing or pressure there of course. Sorry to go off at a tangent Off at another tangent....... Century had their own machined billet brake, which was pinned into place and then the pin welded and ground smoove.The L1A1 was a great rifle to do these student things with because there were plenty of them and there were so many different things you could play with. Some have observed that the drilling for the pin was so deep it had started to deform some barrel walls - check for an "outie" into the end of the barrel.Flash eliminators, effects of changes or none, whether they acted as muzzle brakes (no) or muzzle depressors (no) or flash hiders (a bit) eliminators (er...... Removal is a case of sand/ grind to locate weld and pin - centre punch, drill out weld, EZ-out pin and remove offending metal endpeice.To research it (price etc) look for Century L1A1 in ban configuraton.I hope this quick look and summary helps and turns out to be mostly correct!

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