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Until then, echinacea is a life saviour for many who fall unlucky to the winter bug, including Adele, who reportedly takes it four times a day to keep from getting ill.Echinacea is a plant native to America, but now largely cultivated in Europe on herb farms due to its popularity.By activating chemicals in the body that decrease inflammation, it may stave off colds at the first sign, or reduce sniffly symptoms once they have taken hold.Many people swear by the stuff, and according to the largest clinical study on it, there might be proof as to why.GPs can test your vitamin D levels but at-home test kits also do the trick.Vitamin company Better You distributes a Vitamin D at home test kit on behalf of the NHS which can help advise you on your next step.These include recurring colds, aches and pains, frequent infections or simply tiredness.With long term increased risk of cardiovascular disease or even cancer, it has become a serious public health issue.

They range from pills, powders and potions - and include one that scientists proved causes 'noticeable reductions' in body fats.If there is any supplement worth considering, it's vitamin D.According to the experts, many Brits are dangerously deficient in the crucial vitamin, one in five to be precise, and our weather is largely to blame.You aren't the only one if you've ever been confused with the endless vitamins and pills promising instant results.For years we've become victims to overwhelming marketing campaigns and have decided to try a magical potion to help us lose weight.

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