Is your resume dating you

Just like a professional CV, a dating CV should be made up of the following elements: basic details such as age (both your own and that of your ideal companion), and address (or rather the 'catchment area' for potential dates - how far from home are you willing to cast your net? You should also include a dating history; who you've dated, what years (to – from), their best and worst qualities, and a summary title: Mr Never-again, Lord Love-of-your-life.

You can also add in the reason why you broke up if you want to remember why certain types of people are unsuitable.

Similarly work: do you want a partner who has an interesting job, or is well paid, or does something worthwhile? In dating CVs as in professional ones, people tend to add in little white lies such as “I am a master of Italian cuisine”, when they mean "I can bake a frozen pizza for 30 minutes without burning it".

Maybe mention “hierarchy” in some way and being an “executive.” You might even be able to work in the word “traditional.” The bottom line is there are ways to subtly clue the reader into your ideal work environment, thus establishing yourself as a match for positions at those type of places.

The same type of goal-setting can be applied to a job search.

It’s been a crazy and constant cycle of receiving messages, followers, and even some creepy text messages."Despite all of hype, though, Joe doesn't intend to actually use the dating résumé to get dates either — especially since Ashley's roommate chose to take someone else to formal, which means that "officially the resume has a zero percent success rate," Joe notes.

(Ouch.)"The intent of the résumé was really just to make a joke out of getting denied," he concludes philosophically." I don’t carry it around with me or hand them out.

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