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(Bug#45015)* For Inno DB Plugin, two new status variables have been added to SHOW STATUS output.Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead and Innodb_buffer_pool_read_ahead_evicted indicate the number of pages read in by the Inno DB read-ahead background thread, and the number of such pages evicted without ever being accessed, respectively.

Since memory is much cheaper than CPU cycles and database connections, I'd usually opt for the single query approach.Too often I've seen such queries ran in long loops one at a time, which is very bad for performance (as I will show here) and sometimes equally bad for integrity (if the process is interrupted). Insertion of multiple rows comes about often in batch jobs, database migrations and handling table relationships.A naive approach, via PHP, would be to loop over the data to be inserted, inserting one row at a time.For example, a value of 1000 causes blocks to stay in the old sublist for 1 second after the first access before they become eligible to move to the new sublist.See Section 7.4.6, “The Inno DB Buffer Pool”For additional information, see Section 7.4.6, “The Inno DB Buffer Pool”.

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