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Each crate held 100 scabbards packed end to end, layered one row on top of each other. This placed the hanger end right over the lower tip of the opposing scabbard and left a perfect dent in the bottom of each scabbard in the box.None of these scabbards had ever seen usage yet each had a perfect dent in the back side of the bottom.Looking up the NSN on the item (1095-01-350-1525), shows many have been purchased over the past year by the Aerospace Weapons Group out of the Defense Supply Center, Columbus. We do know of many life raft knives in the past but this one is a newer issue piece that sells for .90 each.Over one thousand purchased recently and the latest proposal list a one year open ended contract which could prove to be very large but not exceed 0,000.00.If you have any proof on the subject, such as a written document, not an oral history, we would be mighty glad to hear from you!Here is a photo copy of a stamped turned up in the Queen factory. We do not know if it was ever used but we doubt it.The Mark 2 is listed as a "Knife, Combat with Sheath" so we were thinking it would be around that line of knife.

In a recent exchange with our good friend Tom Williams, Company Historian, Camillus Cutlery Co.

A recent article pointed out to us by our good friend Bernard Levine places the newest Red Cross Knives in the hands of troops.

As many of you are aware the Red Cross knives of World War One are highly sought out collectors items of today. Instead of the folding knife with spoon idea of long ago today the Red Cross is adding a multi-tool to the parcels.

Using the USMC Fighting / Utility knife, the Jet Pilot Survival knife and the MIL-K-818C as the base these knives are then coated in the tan color.

The fixed blades have the blades, guards and pommels coated while the folder only coats the handles.

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